Nighttime Skincare Routine + GIVEAWAY

Hey, everyone ♥
I’m coming at you with my nighttime skincare routine and a GIVEAWAY!
In this video, I show you how I dermaplane and take care of my skin. I only derma plane eat MAX once every 3 weeks. I don’t like the idea of tugging at my skin or doing something this abrasive more than that. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, talk to a skincare professional or just opt out lol.

I am giving away the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlight Palette in sun-dipped along with the ABH highlight A23 brush!






To enter you must do the following:
Click here to go to my YouTube Channel.

1.) Subscribe to my channel
2.) Like the video.
3.) Comment your IG Name on the video.
4.) Follow me on IG @TakaraRobinson


3 thoughts on “Nighttime Skincare Routine + GIVEAWAY

  1. I really need a nighttime routine, I just be lazy smh You have really nice skin and will be trying these steps


  2. I really thought dermaplaning was something else. Thanks for sharing and clarifying your routine. It’s really simple to follow. I’m getting back into my routine of washing and exfoliating my face daily now and in the future I will definitely try this.

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